Note Purchase Loans

There aren’t many national lenders in the United States that have the capability and expertise to finance one-off note purchases secured by commercial real estate. Manchester Company works only with the best. Our loans range from $1 million to $30 million per note, and we’re capable of funding larger loan portfolio acquisitions.

Our forward-thinking note purchase loan automatically converts to a bridge/mini perm loan when the underlying property is foreclosed upon. This non-recourse mortgage — which includes lease-up facility and other benefits — allows time to stabilize the property. You’ll get the security and certainty you need to make the most of your purchase.

  • One-off loan-on-loan
  • Enhances IRRs
  • Future Funding Facilities
  • Fixed, Floating, and Hybrid Rate Structures
  • Loans Up to Seven Years
  • Less Than 1.0 Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  • Eighty Percent Stretch LTV
  • Prepayment Flexibility