Bridge-to-Perm Loans

Manchester Company is the only one-stop shop that provides sophisticated solutions for value-add investors who would like to hold onto their properties long-term after they are stabilized. With our bridge-to-perm loans, we cover your property’s entire life cycle, from un-stabilized to stabilized.

For your un-stabilized property, Manchester Company’s bridge loans provide future funding facilities for TI/LC and Cap-Ex costs with terms up to 7 years to allow you time to execute your business plan.

  • Future Funding Facilities
  • Fixed, Floating, and Hybrid Rate Structures
  • Loans Up to Seven Years
  • Less Than 1.0 Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  • Eighty Percent Stretch LTV
  • Prepayment Flexibility

Once your property is stabilized, Manchester Company will seamlessly convert your bridge loan into permanent financing with terms up to 20 years. You’ll realize improved economics on exit and origination fees as well as the continuity of having the same dedicated team.